Summer Camp 2018

Summer Camp Themes


Week 1 (6/25-6/29): Disney Act I

Be our guest as we explore the land and sea with Ariel, journey overseas with Moana, visit the Beast's castle with Belle and so much more! 


Week 2 (7/19-7/13): Dance Fiesta

It’s party time! We're learning about Mexican traditions and dancers inspired by "The Book of Life" and "Coco". Let's shake those maracas! 


Week 3 (7/16-20): Treasure Island

Ahoy, mateys! We’re grabbing our maps to explore the land and sea. Pirates, treasures and adventures galore! 


Week 4 (7/23-7/27): Broadway Bound

We're dancing our way through our favorite Broadway shows! That's  entertainment, folks!


Week 5 (8/6-8/10): Disney Week Act II

Dance your way down Main Street! Join us as we explore our Disney favorites complete with a parade performance!




Week 6 (8/13-8/17): Hollywood: Lights, Camera, Action!

 We’re rolling out the red carpet this week for glitz and glamour galore! Join us in celebrating your favorite movies and movie stars, stroll down the walk of fame and even create your very own star so everyone remembers your name! 

Week 7 (Aug 27-31): Mystery Week!

We're looking for clues, putting the pieces together and creating amazing dances!